Swing Dance: History, Technique, Performance


"Swing Dance: History, Technique, Performance" (SDHTP) is a project designed to promote creativity, excellence and advance and preserve swing dance, one of the U.S.'s indigenous art forms. SDHTP is, also, an activity that will create a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of the arts and culture while fostering an awareness of the participant's aesthetic, cultural and social relevance. Our project promotes:

  • the value of direct participation in the creative process
  • and expands opportunities for life-long arts learning
  • creative exploration and aesthetic growth
  • improved creative and critical awareness and understanding
  • an awareness of the impact of dance, dance history and cultural heritage in daily life
  • health motivation strategies to make dancing a life-long activity to prevent diabetes and obesity

This new initiative brings together many of Artspectrum's interests. It has been organized to educate a young population through swing dance while incorporating an understanding of music, communication, teamwork, and techniques associated with the father of all swing dances, the Lindy Hop.

SDHTP is an up to 20-week residency program.. The first part of the program, which we call Phase One, stresses physical activity, teaches rhythmic coordination and dance skills, teaches good posture and balance and improves self-esteem and image all while having fun.  In Phase Two, after local performances, selected students who successfully completed the sessions will take part in the American Lindy Hop Championships. While there they will have the opportunity to take classes with internationally known master teachers, perform and network with other young dancers. We believe that dance can transform the lives of individuals and communities.  Activities such as going to ALHC strengthen academic skills and reinforce positive character traits by providing growth outside the classroom. Teamwork, part of any extracurricular project allows students to spend time working through interpersonal conflict enhancing their attitude and communication skills.

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