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T-shirts, performance shirts, hoodies, bowling shirts and jackets 
ALHC T Shirt

Red t-shirt featuring ALHC logo
medium only in stock  $20

ALJC Red Ringer T

White t-shirt with red ring around crew neckline
large only in stock   $20

ALHC Polo Shirt

Black polo shirt with the ALHC logo on the left chest. Available in S, M, L, XL  $20

ALHC Fitted, Cap Sleeve T

Fitted cap sleeved t-shirts  in red or black.
Red, black cap sleeve in small only $20
Black, red cap sleeve in S, M, L  $20


ALHC Broadroom Tri-Athlete Performance T

Broadroom Tri-Athlete Performance T in navy with red accent in small only $25








ALHC 2-color Fottball Jersey

Red performance jersey with white accent
has ALHC logo on the chest
S, M, L, XL, XXL  $25








ALHC Wicking Mesh 2-Button Jersey

Augusta Sportswear Wicking Mesh color block two button jersey in red with white accents with logo on chest     S, M, L, XL, XXL  $25








ALHC 3/4 Sleeve Jersey

Heather grey and black 3/4 sleeve jersey
Lady's fitted version currently sold out  $25
Men's  version S, M, L  $25






ALHC Hilton Bowling Shirt

Hilton bowling shirt carries the ALHC logo on the back
S, M, L, XL, XXL  $35






ALHC King Louie Bowling Shirt

King Louie rayon bowling shirt
S, M, L, XL $45




Camouflage T in light or dark
S, M, L  $25


ALHC Hoodie with logo on chest

Hoodie with ALHC logo on chest
Available in red, whitem grey, black, golden rod
S, M, L, XL, XXL  $25

          Color Choice




ALHC Hoodie with Words on chest

Hoodie with American Lindy Hop Championships on chest. Available in red, white, grey and black
S, M, L, XL  $25

        Alternate Choices




ALHC Varsity Jacket

ALHC Varsity Jacket with logo on the back
Available in black and grey L, XL only  $50
and crimson and grey S, M, L, XL  $50






ALHC Championship Jacket, logo on the back
Black jacket with red sleeves S, M, L, XL, XXL  $60



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2014 American Lindy Hop Championships Notebook $79
Includes footage from all classes taught by Lance Benishek and Rebecca Harwood, Evin and Noah Galang, Rob and Diane van Haaren, Paulette Brockington, Bobby White and Kate Hedin, Lennart Westerlund and Catrine Ljunggren plus contest footage. Click here to purchase.

2013 American Lindy Hop Championships DVD $79
Includes all contest footage plus the video notebook from 25+ classes. Featured teachers include Andrew Sutton, Chester Whitmore, Jon Ross, Jeremy Otth and Kelly Arsenault, Lance Benishek, Paulette Brockington, Shauna Marble and Mark Godwin plus more.


2012 American Lindy Hop Championships DVD $79
Includes all contest footage plus the video notebook from 25+ classes. Featured teachers include Andrew Sutton with Sonia Ortega, Dominique Blouin with Nathan Bugh, Jon Ross, Emelie and Rebeckah Decavita, Steve Garrett, Paulette Brockington, Ron Parker and more.


2010 ALHC DVD $79
Featuring  video record of classes, performances and contests. Teachers include Jeramie Anderson, Paulette Brockington, Jim Jackson, Yuval Hod, Bobby & Kate, Davis & Claudia, Ben Ricard, Tony Fraser, Gina Helfrich - footage from 14 classes!


2009 ALHC DVD $79
Featuring  3 days of classes, competitions and entertaining footage of the Big Apple, Thriller and Shim Sham


2008 ALHC DVD $79
This year's competition and class notebook includes material from all contest divisions plus the material taught in class by Ben  & Sheri, Tony Fraser, Mickey & Kelly, Chad & Midori, Dax & Alice, Chester Whitmore, Nathalie Gomes, David Graybill, Paolo Lanna, Yuval Hod, Charlie Wyler and Ben & Gen


2007 ALHC DVD $79
This tenth anniversary disk set features all the contest from the weekend and class footage taught by Yuval HOd, Peter Strom, Chester Whitmore, Paulette Brockington, Skye & Frida, Frankie Manning, David & Laura, Marty & Val, David & Carla, Didier Jean Francois, Chad & Midori and Tony Fraser


Memories Routines DVD set $49
featuring the best and worst routines from the first 10 years of ALHC. Check out the back cover below.


2006 ALHC DVD $79
The 2006 class and competition notebook features contest footage and class material taught by Chester Whitmore, Bill Borgida, Marty & Val, Simon Selmon, Matt & Laura, Tony & Aurelie, Charlei & Greta, Zack & Maryse and Sylvia Sykes


2005 ALHC DVD $79
2005's notebook features contest footage and class material taught by Angel Andrew, Sylvia Sykes, Nathalie & Yuval, Skye & Naomi, Bill & Julee, David & Carla, Chester, Skye & Nina, Justin & Jenn and Tony & Aurelie


2005 World Lindy Hop Championships $49
Features all round of the World Lindy Hop Championship hosted by ALHC.


Combined ALHC / WLHC DVDs $115   Save $10+ on the set!
Get both events for one price.


2004 The Seventh Annual ALHC DVD. $79
This DVD set's video notebook includes all divisions, special performances and classes taught by Justin Zillman & Jenn Salvadori, Chester Whitmore, Nathalie Gomes & Yuval Hod, Sylvia Sykes, Erik Robison & Sylvia Skylar, Marty Klempner, Simon Selmon, Doug Silton & Debbie Gitt, Skye Humphries & Nina Gilkenson,, Bill Borgida & Julee Mertz, David Graybill


2003 The Sixth Annual ALHC DVD: $79 
Class notebook features Kenneth & Helena Norbelie, Erik Robison & Sylvia Skylar, Justin Zillman & Jenn Salvadori, Joel & Allison Plys, Roddy Caravella, David Graybill, Bill Borgida, Sylvia Sykes and Kevin St. Laurent & Carla Heiney


2002 The Fifth Annual ALHC DVD: $79
Chazz Young, Stefan, Skye, Nina, Naomi and others


2001 ALHC DVD set $79
Frankie Manning, Linda Simmons, Leslie Coombs, Justin Christodolou & Sylvia Sykes, Matt & Laura, Lennart Westerlund, Paulette Brockington, Craig Hutchinson, Simon Selmon, Nathalie & Yuval, Matt Smiley & Nina & Naomi


2000 ALHC DVD set $79
Along with contest footage this notebook features class material taught by Sylvia Sykes, Jack Carey, Chester, Sing Lim, Cindy & Terry, Craig Hutchinson, Paulette Brockington & Eddie Perez, Mama Yeye, Leslie Coombs and TEna & Carnell


1999 The Second American Lindy Hop Championships $49
This 3 disk set features contest footage from the second ALHC and class material taught by Chazz Young, Sylvia Sykes, Sing Lim, Mama Yeye, Leslie Coombs, Simon Selmon, Paulette & Bill Borgida, Erica & Stefan, Paulette & Deor and Cindy & Terry


1998 The First American Lindy Hop Championships $49
Contest footage from the historic first ALHC features Chazz Young, Ernie Smith, Norma Miler, Sing Lim, Sylvia Sykes, Teddy Kern and more


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All DVDs cover all contest run during that year's event, a video notebook of all classes offered plus extra footage taken during the weekend. Check out some clips on ALHC's YouTube channel. Click here

Feel free to inquire about DVDs from our other events: Motor City Jam, The American Open and Take Your Vitamins, Eat Your Wheaties. Write with questions. All sales are final. There is a $10 minimum charge for shipping abroad.

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