Norma MIller Norma Miller Carla Heiney Carla Heiney

Norma Miller has become a seminal historian of swing dance. Her biography, Swingin' at the Savoy: A Memoir of a Jazz Dancer, documents the swing dance era, and her recollections on Ken Burns's Jazz documentaries provide a first-hand account of the Harlem music and dance scene. She is the subject of the documentary, “Queen of Swing.”

Carla Heiney has competition titles including American Lindy Hop Champion, US Open Lindy Hop Champion, World Lindy Hop Champion, & International Lindy Hop Champion. She has also choreographed for the well-known and well-loved hit dance show, “So You Think You Can Dance.” Carla founded Lindy Central in San Francisco.

Chester Whitmore Chester Whitmore Zack Richard Zack Richard

Chester Whitmore is a dance historian capable of recalling landmark dance routines from vaudeville, the Cotton Club and the TOBA circuit. As an eager dancer in LA he became a protege of several tap dance legends — the late John Bubble of Buck and Bubbles, Fayard Nicholas of the Nicholas Brothers, and Leonard Reed, creator of the Shim Sham. He is sought after, internationally, for the voice he brings to tap, vernacular jazz, swing music and swing dance.

Founder/director of Swing ConneXion in Montreal, QC, Zack Richard excels in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa & Shag, He’s been all around the globe teaching and amassing an impressive list of prizes and accolades on the way. His love of Chaplin and silent movies has lead him to create the show “It Don’t Mean A Thing”, mixing live music, swing dance and silent comedy for the joy of all. Hs is also the author of the Jazz Monkey blog.

Minn Vi Minn Vo Burnie Gipson Burnie Gipson
Minn Vo is one of the most versatile performers today. A California Swing Dance Hall of Fame iinductee, he covers all areas of Vernacular Jazz Dance, including Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Air Steps, Collegiate Shag, and contemporary movement of urban street dance. He currently performs with the renowned Hip-Hop dance company Outer Circle, & also, is a member of The Hollywood Hotshots dance team. Burnie is an International instructor & DJ who lives in in SF. He runs the San Francisco Balboa Festival & North American Open Swing Championships. At Lindy Hop International Argentine Festival (LIAF) he was the first from the States to introduce Pure Balboa in S. America. He prides himself on teaching authentic vintage swing from 'old timer' master's.
Paulette Brockington with Frankie Manning Paulette Brockington Samuel Coleman
Samuel Coleman
Paulette was a protege of the late Frankie Manning. She partnered him at many workshops and events. She does a variety of swing dance styles & is an active swing dance competitor, coach and judge. Instrumental in the development of swing dance in the Great Lakes area, she holds several national dance titles. She is a Master Teacher for the Michigan Traditional Arts Aprenticeship at Michigan State U. where she mentors and works to preserve Lindy Hop just as Frankie did when he mentored her for years. Trained in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, African, Hip Hop and House techniques but has a special love for Lindy Hop. A figure on the New York swing scene, he is a Frankie Manning Ambassador, an Alvin Ailey School alumnus, a member of The Big Apple Lindy Hoppers and The Rhythm Stompers and is founder and director of Sammy Swings and The Harlem Strutters School and Company. His weekly class series is called “Sammy Swings Harlem.”
Joyce Stought-Kim
Joyce Stoughton-Kim
Bob Budzynski
Bob Budzynski
Joyce is a certified ballroom & Latin dance instructor. She is a 5-time Michigan Swing Champion, 5-time Michigan Hustle Champion & Hustle USA Champion. Inducted into the Michigan Swing Dance Hall of Fame and the National Hustle Hall of Fame, she wrote The Detroit Hustle, a manual defining Detroit style Hustle and the Dance Project syllabus which added inspiration to her new venture as founder of the Social Dance Project, a non-profit working to tie social dance to schools curriculum. Bob Budzynski is a nationally known teacher and judge who is a 4-time winner of the US Open Swing Dance Championships. Last year the US Open inducted him, along with his wife Beverly into the “Walk of Legends," the highest honor one can receive in West Coast Swing. He has, also, been inducted into the Swing Dance Hall of Fame, the National Boppers Hall of Fame and the DJ Hall of Fame. He tours the country teaching and DJing.

This is not Kelly Palmiter

Kelly Palmiter

Kelly returns for a fourth year as our emcee. Born a trust fund baby Kelly spent most of his life on a bear skin rug. Since growing to adulthood he has spent his capital dancing in as many places as humanly possible. He lives in a commune dancing like there’s nobody watching and teaching sprites to be nimblefooted.


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