Catrine Ljunggren
Catrine Ljunggren is a dancer, teacher, performer & swing organizer specializing in dances of the Swing Era as well as Argentine Tango. She is an original member of the Rhythm Hotshots & one of the founders of Herrang Dance Canp, the largest swing dance camp in the world. A protege of both Al Minns and Frankie Manning she likes to dance fast and fly high.

Nathan Bugh presents a unique, rhythmic style of jazz dance in performance and in workshops worldwide. He "rocked the stage" at Carnegie Hall, dancing Lindy Hop with the New York Pops Orchestra; he performed in Harlem’s famous Apollo Theater in Swingin' Frankie's Way.
Gaby is national-award winning dancer who is praised for her dynamic style and choreographic ingenuity. She performs weekly at the famed “Cotton Club” in Harlem with the “Sophisticated Ladies.” In addition, she is also lead choreographer for Gatsby Entertainment NYC.

Nathan Bugh & Gaby Cook

Chester Whitmore playing dums in Herrang

Chester Whitmore is a dance historian. He is an international voice for tap, vernacular jazz, swing music & swing dance savoring dance routines from vaueville, The Cotton Club & TOBA circuit. He became a protege of several tap dance legends — the late John Bubble of Buck & Bubbles, Fayard Nicholas of the Nicholas Brothers, & Leonard Reed, creator of the Shim Sham which lives on in each of us.

Minn Vo
Stephanie Klausmann
Minn Vo is a versatile performer, a California Swing Dance Hall of Fame iinductee, who covers all areas of vernacular jazz dance, including Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Air Steps, Collegiate Shag, and urban street dance. He currently performs with the renowned Hip-Hop dance company Outer Circle, & also, is a member of The Hollywood Hotshots dance team. He is a former ALHC America Showcase champion. Stefanie Klausmann began dancing in Germany at five.She has worked with Marty Kudelka, Eddie Morales & Roland Tabor choreographers for Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Omarion, Usher, Aaliyah & the Backstreet Boys tour. She has been a featured dancer in many well known music videos & the "Step it up 3" premier party, in the music video "Man Up" by Liane V & with the Hollywood Hotshots.
Paulette Brockington with Frankie Manning
Paulette Brockington was a protege of the late Frankie Manning. She partnered him at many workshops and events. She does a variety of swing dance styles & is an active swing dance competitor, coach and judge. She holds several national dance titles, has taught at Herrang, in London, Munich, Toronto & Michigan State U's Apprenticeship program where she mentors and works to preserve Lindy Hop just as Frankie did when he mentored her for years.
Valerie Salstrom
Valerie Salstrom is known for her finesse on the dance floor. She emphasizes musicality & connection regardless of the style of swing. Valerie won the 2003 National Jitterbug Championships Grand Slam & both NJC Balboa & American Lindy Hop Championships American Showcase Champion in 2004.  Valerie helps young people connect through her project The Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs. Valerie organizes the All Balboa Weekend held annually in her home town of Cleveland.
Rafal Pustelny relocated to NYC in 2010 from Poland. His knowledge & skill in various styles has given him teaching opportunities all over the states. He works with “Roddy Caravella’s Canarsie Wobblers,” the “Amazebals,” the “Big Apple Lindy Hoppers,” the “Lindy Hop All-Stars," and the "Vanaver Caravan." Rafal teaches in NYC at You Should Be Dancing Studios. A Frankie Manning Ambassador, he also teaches and performs with The Harlem Swing Dance Society.
Samuel Coleman
Samuel Coleman is a figure on the New York swing dance scene. He is a Frankie Manning Ambassador, an Alvin Ailey School alumnus, a member of The Big Apple Lindy Hoppers, The Rhythm Stompers and is founder and director of Sammy Swings and The Harlem Strutters School and Company.
Benjamin Ricard discovered a passion for swing dancing in 2000. He started the swing scene in Quebec City in 2000, founded the PortoSwing dance schools in 2002, founded and owns DanseCreation for the University dance program in Quebec (2000-) & started AtomicSwingVancouver in Vancouver, BC in 2010. He, also, has teenager dance programs in 3 cities in Quebec province. He won many contests incuding the World Championship (2007).  Benjamin Ricard
Paolo Lanna DEEJAY SHUFFLEPUCK Choreographer | Dancer | Producer | Designer
Paolo Pasta Lanna is a 20 year veteran of Swing Dance specializing in the Lindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, & Charleston.  This year Paolo is our Head DeeJay. He’s been a collector of Swing, Rhythm & Blues, Hot Jazz & Roots Rock n’ Roll for Decades and has DJed every NYC dance from The New York Swing Dance Society to Swing Remix & Frim Fram to Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing. He’s been featured at The Dog House (CA), Lindy Groove (CA), Swing Camp Catalina (CA), Swingin’ New England (MA), ALHC, & Rock That Swing (Munich).
Special Guests Include: Norma Miller, Crystal Johnson, Sugar Sullivan, Barbara Billups, Sonny Allen and others to be announced

Harvest Moon Ball competitors of yesteryear

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