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Contestants please note:

Routines should be at least 1:30 and no longer than 4:00 in any division. Any kind of swing is allowed in Classic and Showcase. Couples’ entry fees are $60 in advance/$75 at the door. Special entry fees apply for the Junior Swing Championship. Cabaret, Truckin' and Team. See the contest registration page for the division you want to enter. Contestants need a weekend pass in order to be eligible to compete.

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In keeping with the spirit of the Swing Era contestants are asked to wear upscale casual clothing. This does not mean that you have to wear vintage clothing. ALHC asks you not to wear jeans or sweat clothes while competing. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

You might consider using public domain music from one of the two following sites: and Using music from one of these sites helps avoid copyright conflicts on YouTube and Facebook.

2017 Contest Divisions
(other divisions may be added depending upon dancer interest)

The American Showcase Harvest Moon Ball Division
This division has two rounds. In the first round contestants are asked to do their lead/follow best in an allskate that has no movement restrictions as in the original Harvest Moon Ball Lindy Division contest. This is not a jam wherein couples take turn dancing. Each couple must dance the complte song making use of lead/follow steps, jazz steps, slow motion, airsteps and acrobatics to successfully naviaget the song. (See video example below) The second round features spotlight performances. Routines may be choreographed, but are not required. Each couple needs to dance to music that is at least 200bpm. Showcase rules apply. In the past couples from this division had to be U.S. citizens or hold green card as a permanent resident. That no longer applies. Any couple frm any country may enter this division if they feel they can successfully compete.

Dancers perform any dance style except couples’ swing. So Blues, jazz, Latin, adagio, Tango, Chop, Hip Hop, Salsa, Latin Hustle, etc. should be in this division. The entry fee is based on solo/duo, 3-4 dancers and/or group of 5 or more.

Couples’ are judged on timing, technique, teamwork, musicality and choreographic content. No throws, air steps or aerials are permitted in this division.

Junior Swing Championship
Couples aged 10-17 are eligible for this division. 18 year olds are allowed if they are still in high school. This is a showcase division but lifts, drops, throws, air steps and/or aerials are optional.

Adult Adult (formerly called Masters) Couples 35 and older perform any kind of swing. This is a showcase division but tricks are not required.

The Match Game (formerly called Open Jack & Jill)
Leaders and followers receive a blind draw for their partner. (Lindy division)

Amateur leaders and followers dance with their teacher or other professional dancer.. It is open to any dance style - Balboa, Shag, Lindy, West Coast, Blues, etc.

Couples are judged on timing, technique, teamwork, musicality and choreographic content. All manner of tricks are allowed.

Strictly Lindy
Couples show off their best lead/follow skills in Lindy. No choreography please.

A minimum of 4 couples are judged on timing, teamwork, technique, musicality and choreographic content while doing formations.

This division is basically a solo jazz competition with a twist. Truckin', the dance, first came in to wide popularity in the 1920s after, we believe, it was introduced to audience in a Connie's Inn show. It is our undertanding that waiters took up delivering orders using the dance to get bigger tips from wealthy New Yorkers who came north to party. It is a strutting dance that, like cakewalk, uses ANY vernacular steps available to the mover as fair game. Feel free to be as inventive as possible - while carrying a tray. We will make a few available for use during the contest or you can bring your own. If you drop the tray - oops no tip. If you successfully outshine the others you'll take home the prize.

Prizes & Awards

Contests require at least three couples to run. This does not guarantee a pay out of prize money unless the division is sponsored. A division requires five couples to pay out prize money. We will have sponsors for select divisions.Placements are given from 1st to third depending upon the number of couples. We plan to award $10,000. The American Showcase Harvest Moon Ball Division will include cash, medals and Championship jackets.

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