2014 Video Notebook

The 2014 American Lindy Hop Championships video notebook features contest footage but also material from all the classes taught at the event by masters of the Lindy Hop. This year's Chicago event teachers included

Rob and Diane van Haaren

Lennart Westerlund

Lance Benishek and Rebecca Katz Harwood

Catrine Ljunggren

Paulette Brockington

Evin and Noah Galang

Bobby Whte and Kate Hedin

Cakewalk, Charleston, Lindy, Balboa, Trankey Doo, Peabody, Vernacular Jazz, Spins and Turns. Even if you paid, only, $5 per class this material would cost over $100. This is a steal at $79.



Feel free to check out the American Lindy Hop Championships 10th Anniversary YouTube Channel, ALHCLindyHop and the ALHC performances channel, AmericanLindyChamps.

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