AAU / ALHC National Dance Top Teacher Awards

In honor of our new event Artspectrum DBA the American Lindy Hop Championships is launching a Rewards Program for the professionals who bring their students/teams to compete at the AAU - ALHC National Dance Championships. The idea is to provide you the professional an opportunity to earn additional money by entering your students in 5 or more categories including ALHC's Pro-Am, Junior Swing Championship and Cabaret. The more entries you have in the various divisions the more potential income for you paid by the student and the competition.

This program costs nothing and provides income to the professional instructor by dancing students/teams in the contest categories offered at AAU-ALHC National Dance Championships.

Registration Procedure Rewards for up to 5 top pros

 1. You must register as a Pro with our Program. You
  may do this by sending an email with your contact and
  studio/club info with AAU-ALHC Top Teacher in the
  subject line
 1. 1st place $300.00

 2. Fill out the Competition Entry Form, date sign and
 mail it to Artspectrum, 52 Monterey St., Detroit, MI 48293
 2. 2nd place $200.00

 3. Professional registration must be received prior to the
 event to qualify for rewards. NO EXCEPTIONS.
 3. 3rd place $100

 4. Points for top teacher will be awarded based on the
 number of entries and extra points awarded for
 placements. A minimum of 5 dance entries a needed to
 qiualify for any placement.
 4. 4th and 5th places $50 each

We would be interested in your thoughts about this program. If you would be willing to share them with us, good or bad, please email askartspectrum@yahoo.com. You may also be interested in the Teachers' Master Workshop in swing dance being offered at this year's ALHC. Click here to read info on page 3 of the ALHC brochure..

If you are entering the Junior Swing Championship please consider using public domain music from one fo the following sites http://www.archive.org/index.php and

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