presents the
Seventh Annual American Lindy Hop Championships
October 21 - 24,

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new9.gif (980 bytes) 2004 ALHC DVD for $149. Scheduled to ship in December.
The 2001 tape set is available for $105. Other years range in price from $50 to $99. All may be ordered online.

Instructors for 2004
Sylvia Sykes & Jason Christodoulou,  Bill Borgida & Julee Mertz
  Jennifer Salvadori & Justin Zillman, David Graybill, Erik Robison & Sylvia Skylar
  Paulette Brockington, Skye Humphries
and others.

Thursday Night Band - The Paul Tillotson Love Trio
Paul Tillotson has played with some of the top names in music over his twenty-eight years at the piano, including Gene Harris, Vernel Fournier, Lynn Seaton, Luther Hughes, Red Holloway, Ernie Watts, Chris Minh Doky, Matt Wilson, Anton Fig (David Letterman Band), Chris Bodi (Sting), Lenny Picket (Saturday Night Live Band), and Shawn Pelton (Saturday Night Live Band). Paul had a close friendship with his mentor, the late great Gene Harris. The LA Times stated in an article regarding Paul Tillotson playing with Gene's band at a memorial concert, "...the spirit of Gene Harris is alive." Paul has participated in the annual Gene Harris Jazz Festival in Boise, Idaho, since its inception six years ago. The third year of the festival, Gene Harris passed away and the festival committee honored Paul by asking him to take Gene's place at the piano. The Trio also features Mike Merrit and James Wormworth. Their many credits include Late Night With Conan O'Brien.


Saturday night musical guests - The Harlem Jazz and Blues BandThe Harlem Blues and Jazz Band is the world's most authentic swing band. It stars veteran jazz and blues musicians whose roots reach back to the class period of the 20's and 30's. Together since 1973, the originals actually "jumped" at the Woodside and "stomped" at the Savoy with Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Count Basie, "Fats" Waller, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Lionel Hampton, and other jazz greats. These are the artists who created a new genre of music for America. The Harlem Blues and Jazz Band are called a "national treasure," and are enthusiastically embraced by audiences around the world.

Here is a travel page from NYC complete with map, late night train
schedules, taxi numbers etc.

Stamford Hotel Information

A custom Web site for AMERICAN LINDY HOP CHAMPIONSHIP occurring
(20 October 2004 - 24 October 2004) has been created. Guests can access the site to learn more about the event and to book, modify, or cancel a reservation from 22 June 2004 to 07 November 2004. Access to the site is organized by guest type and can be obtained by going
to the appropriate link below:

(click the link below or cut/paste the following into a browser)

TRAVEL: Traveling to Stamford by air by flying into JFK, LaGuardia or Westchester County Airport, the closest. Private shuttle service can be arranged from these airports or by contacting your travel agent.

(hotel parking is free)
From the Connecticut Turnpike (I-95) traveling north: Take exit 8 and turn left onto Atlantic St. Follow Atlantic St. which becomes a one way street called Bedford St. Enter the hotel on the left from Bedford. (approx. 1.5 miles) 
From the Connecticut Turnpike (I-95) traveling south: Take exit 7 onto North State Street. Continue on North State St. At the second traffic light turn, right onto Atlantic St. Follow Atlantic St. It becomes a one way street called Bedford. Enter the hotel on the left from Bedford. (approx. 1.5 mile)
From the Merritt Parkway (Route 15) traveling north: Take exit 34 and turn right onto Long Ridge Road. Follow Long Ridge Rd. It becomes Summer St. Enter the hotel from the left on Summer St.
From Merritt Parkway (Route 15) traveling south: Take exit 35 and turn right onto HighRidge Rd. Follow HighRidge Rd (Summer St.). Enter the hotel on the left from Summer St.

If you prefer to travel by train from New York City contact Metro North Commuter Railroad for ticket information at (800) METRO-INFO while in New York, or call (212) 532-4900 outside of New York. Trains run throughout the day, evening and night. For those interested in an extended stay with a side trip to Manhattan, train schedules will be available at the hotel’s registration desk.

are only a walk away.

Contest Information
Since many have asked here is info on contests at The American Lindy Hop Championships. 
Entry deadline is Oct. 8 for all contest divisions except the Jack and Jill. J&J may only be registered
 for the day of the contest. Helps prevent confusion and gives everyone a fair shot at entering. 
BTW ALHC gives out $20,000 in cash and prizes.
Contests need 5 couples to run and pay out cash. If less than 5 couples have 
entered those couples will be asked if they want to dance for placement and awards.
Click here for a link to contest division details.

American Showcase Division Regional Competitions

Couples entering one of ALHC’s qualifying rounds will dance to music selected by the preliminary division’s host. In the semi-final and final rounds music will be chosen by ALHC. While an unlimited number of couples may enter the regional contests only a maximum of three couples may move onto the semi-final round on Oct. 26 in Stamford, CT. The semi-finals will be danced in heats with three couples in each.  There will be two rounds – one slow, one fast. Each dances for 1 1/2 minutes. In the finals, each couple that moves on dances individually and may use choreography in the fast round..

Just as at ballrooms like the Savoy, in the spirit of competition, anything goes. All forms of lifts, drops and air steps are allowed, but please be aware that technique, timing, teamwork, footwork and lead/follow skills are a priority. Dancers from the Swing Era are the benchmark by which these criteria are judged. Think of those dancers and present day competitors as members of the band who are jammin’.

Pacific TBA  Contact: TBA
1st Adam Vallus & Janene Nelson (Detroit, MI)
2nd Jake Fisher & Chrissy Bridgeman (Kansas City, KS)
3rd Marty Klempner & Valerie Salstrom (Detroit/Cleveland)
Mar. 12-14  
Motor City Jam
Novi, MI
Contact: Paulette Brockington
800-647-9464 or
Rocky Mountain
Contact: Colorado Swing Dance Network
Wendy Hickman
1st  Stephen Jean & Danielle Eley (Hous.,TX)
2nd  Brad ? (Dallas, TX)
3rd - Nathan Bugh & Chelsea Rodgers (Houston/Okla. City, OK)
Mar 19 - 21
Great Southwest Lindyfest

Houston, TX
Contact: Houston Swing Dance Society
Great Lakes
1st Nick Cruse and Dee Daniels, Minneapolis, MN
2nd Trevor Laak and Laura Malishke, Minneapolis, MN
3rd Anton de la Fuente and Jessica Warren, Minneapolis, MN
June 5
Cats Corner Weekend

Minneapolis/St. Paul MN  
Contact: Cindy or Terry Gardner of TC Swing

New England
1st Ben Yau and Sheri Kang, Pasadena, CA
2nd Martin Frechette and Suzanne Gaudet, Boston, MA
3rd Rajeev Hotchandani and Rachelle Gaudet, Boston, MA
July 2 - 4
Northeast Lindy Hop 

Smithfield, RI
Southwest Regional
Sizzling Lindy Slam
Phoenix, AZ
Contact: Tracie Jones
Summer Swing Jam
Sept 1
0 - 12
Atlanta, GA
Kerry Frost at 706-576-5659
Oct 3- 5
Virginia State Open

Baltimore, MD
Pacific Northwest
1st Michael Seguin & Leah deForest
2nd  Joshua Welter & Rachel Ries
3rd Leigh Nakanishi & Robin Nunnally
September 18 - 19
6th Annual Pacific Northwest Lindy Hop Championships
Seattle, WA
Contact: Guy Caridi
Last Chance Round
Oct 22
Stamford, CT
Contact: Paulette Brockington
313-790-2311 or 800-64-SWING

Each regional will qualify up to three couples doing lead/follow to music selected by ALHC. To participate in one of the regional rounds contact the region's host.

Comments from 2003 ALHC attendees

I had a wonderful time at your event, and am looking forward to it next year. - JN

Paul Tillotson filled that bill this year.  - AH

Thanks for a wonderful weekend at ALHC. - PO

I had an amazing time this weekend.  Thanks so much for all the work that you do to put this thing on. - DS

The dancers were amazing and the whole event was a lot of fun. Take care and congratulations on another great ALHC! - GM

Hey, this was one of the best ALHCs that I have been to. The Harlem Blues and Jazz band was phenomenal. All the events were awesome as well. I definitely be coming again next year I already put the date in my calendar. - DA

Great event!  Some of the best comp music I have ever heard at an event!  Jesse and Rayned are by far the very best djs for competitions!  And the bands and general DJed music was just awesome.  This year had the friendliest vibe of all of them.  Everyone helped each other their routines, new moves and aerials.  The relaxed atmosphere really brought out some of the very best dancing I have ever seen.  - VS

For tickets and information e-mail for up to date information.

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