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Artspectrum is pleased to partner with the
N'Namdi Center for Contemporary Art's
Movement Center classes.
Movement Center
2 classes on Thursdays - Lindy followed by Salsa

Detroit Lindy Workshop Thursday flyerThursdays
Detroit Lindy Workshop
6:30pm if you know the basics,
7:30pm if your do not know the basics or want a brush up

$10/class; $6/class students with a valid ID
Or $80/10wks That's 2 free classes payable on the first day of class! It is even a steal if you miss the first class. That's 9 classes for $80. Save $10.

The Lindy Hop is a partnered dance that started in the late 1920s. the original swing dance. It began with the Jazz Age and grew with the music as it changed to swing. Because it is a child of the Swing Era the dance includes blues, jazz and partner dance patterns. Other dances will be, also, covered. It is the dance to do when you hit all those jazz spots with a space to get up and move. So break out your dancing shoes. No partner is required. But it wouldn't hurt to have a practice partner.

Are you looking for a fun, energizing and effective way to relieve stress and anxiety? You don’t need to be a great dancer to learn the dances and complete the moves with ease and grace. You’ll love how relaxed, centered and energized you feel after each class.

Learn to Social Dance - Salsa
starts Thursday, May 4, 7:45pm

Learn to Social Dance Series - Salsa

Salsa is a partner dance. The word is the same as the Spanish word salsa meaning sauce, or in this case flavor or style. Ccouple stay in a fixed area on the dance floor, sometimes doing shine steps (Latinized jazz steps) alone.

Class attendees will learn to move to the beat, step to the beat, display the dance’s Cuban, African and Caribbean influences along with some flashy steps to take out on the dance floor.

Classes are $10 each. The session starts May 4 and ends May 25. Click the picture to go to our Facebook page. Ask questions there.

52 E. Forest, Detroit, MI 48202
The Entrance is past the gallery entrance then right at the corner of the building.
Questions Call 1-313-831-8700

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