A Company of Dancers

A Company of Dancers has lived as Artspectrum's resident dance company since performing in the Detroit Black Dance Festival in 1989. It has performed for schools, universities, clubs, arts councils and churches. This year's company of eight are comfortable barefoot or en pointe dancing works enthused by ballet, contemporary dance, modern dance, ethnic dance forms and social dance styles.

A Company of Dancers upcoming season includes the following appearances:

Aprill 22

August 5-6
Sidewalk Festival

August 25
Detroit Dance City Festival

October 15
Michigan Dance Festival

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Jessica G. Thomas & Brandon Burton
Pictured left: Jessica G. Thomas and Brandon Burton in "The Third Side" (2015) photography by Christopher Cushman

A Company of Dancers is pleased to invite Ballethnic Dance Company (Atlanta) to be our guest concert artists for 2016-2017.

Ballethnic Dance Company is a classically trained culturally diverse ballet company that blends traditional ballet with the artistic influences of other ethnic cultures-especially African American-to produce unique and exciting dance performances. Ballethnic’s energetic and entertaining repertoire will be avaiable to maaster classes and lectures/demosmtrations while in Michigan.

Pictured left: Nicole Johnson in "Neglected Weed," (2016) a work presented in progress at Regeneration. Photography by Regeneration.
still from "Rae" Pictured left to right: Triston O'Day, Ashley Foran, Justin Alesna and Lindsay McGarry in "Rae" (2014). Photograph by Detroit Dance City Festival
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